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MP3 Hypnotism sessions
Addiction Help
Stop Using Cannabis
Chocolate Addiction
Drink Less Caffeine
Smokeless Tobacco Addiction
Drink with Moderation
Beat Alcohol
Shopping Addiction
No Alcohol Relapse
Alcohol Withdrawal
Stop Gambling
Calmer Thoughts
Addicted to Pornography?
No More Masturbation
Stop Cleaning
Stop Checking
Stop Surfing!
Conquer Kleptomania
Compulsive Gaming
Addicted to the Buzz?
Throw Things Away!
Heroin Addiction
Anti Aging
Fewer Wrinkles
Age Well
Think Young
Reduce Hair Loss
Aging Anxiety
Bad Habits
Biting Your Lips
Leave That Thumb Alone
Nose Picking
Leave That Itch
Stop Biting Nails
Hair Pulling Disorder
Skin Picking
Pulling Eyebrows / Eyelashes
A Glass, Not a Bottle
Stop Shopping!
Stop Bad Habits
Cancer Treatment
Forget Troubled Childhood
Overcome Stuttering
Stop Bed Wetting
Recurring Nightmares
Noise Sensitive?
Don't Gag
Manage ADHD
Stop Self Harm
Injured Facially?
Erase the Cult's Effects
Communication Skills
Assert Yourself
A Powerful 'No'
Relaxed Conversations
Clean Language
Nervous Chatter
Accept Feedback
Fight Back
You Don't Have to Say Sorry
Keep Secrets to Yourself
Make Yourself Understood
Stop Picking Fights
Think Before You Speak
Forget Complaining
Accept Criticism
How to be Funny
State Your Point of View
Meeting People
Hear Everything
Compulsive Lying
Treat Depression
Antidepressant Withdrawal
Low Mood Husband
Low Mood Wife
Tricky People
Dealing with Negative Critics
The Angry Type
Control Freak
Guilt Trip User
Dealing with Moodiness
Bring Shy People out of Themselves
Clever Dick
Verbal Self Defense
Emotional Intelligence
Forgive People
It's not Embarrassing
Control Your Impulses
Always Down?
Release Old Issues
Beat Envy
Emotional Control
Stop Being A Grump
Release That Issue
Give Yourself A Break
Birthday Blues
More Emotional Intelligence
Balance Your Desires
Express Emotion
Anger Control
Ease Excessive Guilt
End Jealous Thoughts
Be Calm in Your Car
Mood Booster
Enjoy Life
Stopping Regrets
Seize Today
Enjoy Partying
New Activities
Life's Meaning
What You Were Put Here For
Power of Yes
Travel More
Experience Now
Have More Fun
Fears, Phobias and Concerns
Relax on Stage
Can't Eat with Other People?
Sing Your Heart Out
Overcome Agoraphobia
Failure Phobia
Don't Panic!
Overcome Fear of Flying
Don't be Afraid of Elevators
Phobia of New Places
Anxiety at the Dentists
Reduce Fear & Anxiety
Overcome Fear of Heights
Driving Test Nerves
Fear of Tests and Exams
Relax Around Birds
Be Calm in Hospitals
Injection Phobia
Overcome Spider Phobia
Overcome Fear of Driving
Overcome Fear of Success
Fear of Snakes
Phobia of Bridges
Enjoy Swimming
Overcome Fear of the Dark
Cold Wedding Feet
Overcoming Performance Anxiety
Fear of Death
Beat Claustrophobia
Fear of Dogs
Others Vomiting
Telephone Fear
Fear of Change
Fear of Going Insane
Heart Attack
Don't Want to be 'Put Under'?
Overcome Technophobia
Fear if Crowds
Fear of Medics
Terrorism Phobia
Cancer Phobia
Violence Fear
Fear of Poverty
No Photo!
Anxious Riding in Car?
Hypnotic Fun
Ski Run Hypnosis
Ride in the Ocean
Magic Carpet Ride
Space Ship
Human History
Fly High in Your Mind
Remember Happy Times
How To Hunt Treasure
Grief Loss
Best Friend Loss
Scared of Leaving Home?
Elderly Parent Guilt
Death of a Child
Death of a Pet
Mother or Father Died
Trust Your Emotions atFunerals
Hypnotically Healthier
Healing Booster
No More Migraine
Ease Tension Headaches
IBS Hypnosis
Warts Off!
Teeth Grinding
Hangover Remedy
Beat High Blood Pressure
Reduce PMS Symptoms
Sit Up Straight!
Ringing in Ears?
Cold Hands and Feet?
Profuse Sweating
Operation Relaxation
Heal Natural
Hay Fever
Facial Relaxation
Ease Eczema
Chronically Fatigued?
Asthma Treatment
Caring for the Terminally Ill
Overcome Jet Lag
MRI Anxiety
Get Seasick?
Diabetics - Eat Well!
Ease Raynauds Symptoms
Bowel Helper
Multple Sclerosis Relaxation
Leave Your Face Alone!
Uncontrollable Shaking
Strengthen Your Immune System
Treat Your Psoriasis
Take Your Pills!
No More Cracking
Take Care of Yourself
Cope with Long Term Illness
Clean Your Teeth
Get Treatment for Muscle Spasm
Get Endometriosis Natural Treatment
Get Natural Herpes Medication
Bathroom Anxiety
Cure Fear of Illness
Bashful Bladder
Restless Legs Syndrome
Healthy Eating
Putting on Weight
More Water
No Sweet Drinks
Less Salt
Portion Control
Anorexia Treatment
Enjoy Eating Fruit
Hypnosis Packs
Be Frugal
For Hypnotherapists
Dental Numbness
Hand Anaesthesia
Levitate Your Hand
Frozen Arm
Be Confidence with Hypnotherapy
Be More Hypnotic
Resistance is Futile
Hypnotic Automatic Writing
Time Distortion Hypnosis
How Hypnosis Induction Works
Interpersonal Skills
Stop THAT Person Upsetting You
Putting Yourself First
Book by its Cover?
Be Less Critical
Not Personal
Forgive Grudges
Don't Reject Compliments
Build Rapport Quickly
Beat The Grumblers
Happy Face
Keep in Touch
Approaching Women with Confidence
More Popularity
Male Dating
Female Dating
Feel More Connected
First Impressions Last
Make More Social Contacts
Making Eye Contact
Be More Charismatic
The In-Laws
Be Romantic
Say Sorry
We Both Fine
Friend better
How to Set Boundaries
Be Calm in Confrontations
Relax with Authority
Job Skills
Crying in Confrontations
Ease Interview Anxiety
Enjoy Giving Presentations
Decide Now
Ask Your Boss
Fear of Meetings?
Bullying Boss?
Telesales Confidence
Value Your Time
First Day New Job
Leadership Skills
Arrive On Time
Fast Fingers
New Job?
Complete Your Tasks
Sell Your Ideas
Work Well with Others
Filling in Forms
Choosing a Career
Attention to Detail
Make More Sales
Looking for a Job
How to Meet Deadline
Coping with Unemployment
Workplace Bullying
Learning Help
Learning Foreign Languages
Better Adademically
Learn to Play Music
Remember Peoples' Names
Return to Education
Improve Retention
Speed Reading
Be A Better Speller
Classroom Fascination
Motivation Inspiration
Get Motivated!
Get to Your Potential!
Do That Job Well!
Selling Yourself
Motivation to Succeed
Promote More!
Expect More From Life
Entrepreneurial Motivation
Think Big!
Handling Failure
Increase Your Energy!
Hypnosis for Pain
Arthritis Relief
Managing Pain
Pain Relief
Hip Comfort
Lessen Knee Pain
Missing Limb Pain
Relieve Fibromyalgia
Ease Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Temporo-mandibular Joint Pain
How to Treat Neuropathic Pain
Parenting Skills
Don't Worry - Your Kids are OK!
Motherhood Enjoyment
One Parent Family?
Patience Parents!
New Baby Dad?
Better than your Parents
Be Assertive with Kids
Empty Nest Syndrome
Parents - Be Less Guilty
Talking to Teenagers
Don't Smother Your Kids
Do Stuff Together as a Family
Babies Cries
Improving Yourself
Overthrowing Learned Helplessness
Enjoy Housework
More Arty
Happy Retirement
Relax with More
Coping with Ambiguity
Living By Yourself
Improve Your Home
Stronger Character
Be More Outgoing
Enjoy Yourself More
Find Stuff You've Lost
Personal Finance
Millionaire Mindset
Save Money
Trading Psychology
Don't Undercharge
Worried About Money?
Stop Wanting More
Personal Fitness
Exercise Motivation Booster
Regular Gym Attender
Get Walking!
Personal Productivity
Stop Getting in Your Own Way
Watch Less TV
Back on Track
Overcome Laziness
Overcome Lethargy
Laser-like Focus
Get Creative!
Leave Procrastination Behind
More Organization
Do More
Attain Your Goals
Stay Focused
Publishing Power
Overcoming Obstacles
Lyric Creativity
Read More Books
Complete Your Writing
Let's Do It!
Do More
Writer's Block
Personal Skills
More Optimism
Care Less
Overcome Perfectionism
Be More Patient
Knowing Yourself
Stop Being Fussy
Look Better
Reduce Passivity
Best Man
Will Power Booster
Personal Strength
Manly Man
Be Lucky
Develop Resilience
Tolerate Others Better
Happy with your Lot
Increase Your Courage
Do It Daily
Playful Pack
Be Positive About Other People
Less Materialistic
Show More Flexibility
Look Better
Improve Attitude
On Your Shoulders
Negotiation Skill
Don't Expose Secrets
Calm in Stressful Situations
Pregnancy Childbirth
Overcome Morning Sickness
Improve Fertility
Breast feeding
Enjoy Pregnancy
Post-Miscarrying Baby
Baby's Coming!
More Than Baby Blues?
Quit Smoking
No More Cigarettes
Relationship Help
Feel More Attractive Now
Stop Blaming Other People
Be Yourself inRelationships
Secure in Your Relationship
Commit to Your Relationship
Revive Your Relationship
Getting Over Relationships
Love the Right Person
Ending Relationships
Pushing People Away
You CAN Love Again
Happily Single
Marriage Saver
Stay Faithful
Ending Abusive Relationship
Keep Choosing Mr Wrong?
Surviving Infidelity
Adandonment Issues
Trust More
Adoption Pain
Stop Adultery
Sibling Rivalry
Overcome Divorce Bitterness
Relationship Approval
Goodbye to a Friend
Relationship with your Mother
Closer Emotionally
Imperfect Partner?
Enjoy Family Gatherings
Fear of Being Rejected
Just Relax...
Breathe and Relax
Chill After Work
A Healthy Rest
The Four Seasons
A Warm Place
The Island
Guided Meditation
Straight into Hypnosis
The Crystal Ball
Deep Relaxation
Meditate with Clarity
Mind Massage Therapy
Quiet Mind
Learn to go into Hypnosis
Short Nap
Beach Scene Relaxation
Forest Walk Relaxation
Stroll and Relax
Holiday Mindset
Mountains in your Mind
Body Scan Relaxation
Your Development
Increase Confidence
Build More Confidence
Peer Pressure
Top Class Confidence
More Self Belief
Love to Dance
Be a Confident Teacher
Confident Dating
Approaching Men
Confidence with Attractive Women
Fabulous Flirting Tips
Self Esteem
Build Self Esteem
End Insecurity
Like Yourself More
Happy with Yourself
Complex Inferiority?
Don't Blame Yourself
Why Self Pity!
You're Cleverer Than That
Discover Your Identity
Self Esteem
Sexual Problems
Confidence without Clothes
Enjoy Sex More - Men
Enhance Sex - Women
Women's Libido
Men's Libido
Delayed Ejaculation Problems
End of Virginity
Sexual Performance Fear
Cure Early Ejaculation
Get Rid of Impotence
Cure Vaginismus
Overcome Sex Addiction
Sleep Problems
Sleep with Snoring
Morning Energy
Improve Your Sleep
Sleep Now
Drift to Sleep
Sleep Well
Sleep a Child's Sleep
Sleep Again
Early Bed
Stop Sleep Talking
Social Anxiety
Being Yourself Socially
Get Rid of Shyness
Social Self Consciousness
Can't Stop Laughing?
Relax with Silence
Why Nervous Coughing!
Cool Down Flashes
How to Speak in Groups
Put Yourself Out There!
Ease Social Anxiety
Sports Performance
Be Tougher Mentally
Fast Sprint Start
Clearing Hazards - Golf
Relax and Tee Off
Perfect Putting
Your Golf Swing
Winning Thinking
Game Nerves
Serve Perfect
Recover from Sports Injury
Be Alert
Run, Run, Run
Time Your Strike
Free Throw
Half Marathon Success
Penalty Kicks
Get In The Zone
Better Archery
Better Snooker Playing
Stress and Tension
Test Result Anxiety
Midlife Anxiety
Nervous Breakdown
Reduce Tension
Lower Your Stress Levels
Stress Relief
Beat Burn Out
Work AND Live
Carer Stress Relief
Failing Exams
Survive Bankruptcy
Don't Rush It!
Feeling Trapped
Cope with Moving
Noisy Neighbors
Reducing Working Mother Stress
Thinking Skills
Be More Positive
Worry Less
Think Positive
More Optimistic Thoughts
Stop Being Superstitious
Be More Decisive
Don't Feel Let Down
Problem Solving Technique
Increase Your Objectivity
Stop Thinking!
Lower Paranoia
Get Thinner
Perfect Body
Eat Healthy for Weight Loss
Chew Properly
TV Eating
Steady Your Emotions
Boredom Eating
No More Binges
You're Sweet Enough!
Healthy Cooking
Be Calm Without Food
Banish Fast Food
Diet Motivation
Overcome Bad Snacking
Keep Weight Less
Low Carb Food
Bad Night Eating

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