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Hypnosis mind control has been a part of imaginary fantasy or comic book stories for many years now. In fact, ever since Mesmer realized that he could hypnotize people, stories about hypnosis have become more and more complicated and far fetched. In fact, who hasnít heard rumors of unwitting people being hypnotized by a swirling spiral pattern, and then made to do things that they definitely would never want to do?

Luckily, hypnosis mind control is pretty much resigned to the realm of fantasy. The reasons for this are simple. First of all, only people who want to be hypnotized can be. That kind of ruins any evil plans that a comic book supervillain might have to use hypnosis mind control to take over the world. The only thing that needs to happen to prevent people from being hypnotized in the first place is just that they donít want to be.

The second reason that hypnosis mind control is only a fantasy is that you canít make people who are under hypnosis do things that they wouldnít do while theyíre awake. In other words, if you see somebody whoís hypnotized start barking like a dog, thatís because in other circumstances, they might also bark. (If youíve ever seen somebody get very drunk, youíll realize that a lot of the things people are asked to do while under hypnosis are not very far off from things those same people would do in other circumstances.)

Basically, if youíre worried about falling prey to hypnosis mind control, donít. All you have to do is refuse to be hypnotized and then you will have nothing to worry about. This fact is the result of many many years of study on the subject of hypnosis. In every study the same things were found Ė basically that hypnosis cannot be applied to people who do not want to be hypnotized and that you canít make people do things that they would never do, even if they are under hypnosis.

These two major reasons as to why hypnosis mind control can never work also stem from the knowledge of just what hypnosis is. Hypnosis is not a state in which people have their mind controlled by somebody else. Instead, hypnosis is just a state in which suggestions are taken more seriously. Granted, some people might argue that this is enough to say that hypnosis mind control exists, but keep in mind that this is very different from the hypnosis mind control that happens in fantasy stories and comic books.

In any case, fears of hypnosis mind control should not keep you from using hypnosis and getting all the benefits from doing so. Hypnosis today, instead of being a type of mind control, is actually a very useful tool that can be used by almost anybody to help with many different problems. For example, hypnosis is used today in hospitals to help women who are in labor, and by physical therapists to help people deal with chronic pain. Hypnosis is also used so that people can improve their daily lives either by ending bad habits or by encouraging new ones.

Hypnosis mind control doesnít exist. Itís important to realize that hypnosis is a well known and very useful tool in improving peopleís lives every day.

Underground hypnosis course - discover the secrets most people will never know about hypnosis!