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The History Of Hypnosis

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The history of hypnosis is an interesting story. In this way, itís similar to the history of most other medical techniques. However, unlike some techniques, the history of hypnosis is not quite so long, as it only dates back to the actions of Franz Mesmer in the 1700ís. His name should sound familiar, even if you donít know much about the history of hypnosis. After all, his name is where we get several words that are in the English language even now. For example, the word ďmesmerizeĒ comes from his name.

The history of hypnosis begins when Mesmer had a theory that there was a type of magnetic fluid in the air all around us. Basically, he thought that he could use magnets to affect that magnetic fluid. If that magnetic fluid was made to move in the right way, then it would heal people and cure diseases. Thus, as you can see, the history of hypnosis was not initially concerned with mental issues.

After a while, Mesmer discovered that he could achieve the same effects in his patients by just using his hand instead of the magnet. He would move his hands in front of the personís face. Soon afterward, the history of hypnosis took another interesting twist as one of Mesmerís pupils discovered that he could use Mesmerís technique to induce a trance in people. While these people were in a trance of sorts, they would respond to suggestions as though they were awake, except that they didnít seem able to turn the suggestions down. After waking up, these people remembered no part of their trance.

This was the first time in the history of hypnosis that it was noted that hypnosis had an effect on the brain. Many more experiments were attempted in order to find out just what hypnosis could be used for.

Throughout the history of hypnosis, it has been used as a treatment for many different types of mental and physical ailments. Usually, there was a mixed effect from hypnosis. Some people would benefit from being treated with hypnosis, and other people would not.

Throughout the history of hypnosis, it slowly began to be regarded as a mind control device. Over time, the popular media started to show people becoming hypnotized by anything mildly repetitive, for instance, spinning spiral patterns. According to movies and television shows, people who were hypnotized would do whatever the person they had been hypnotized by told them to do. However, this isnít true. Most people who are hypnotized will still only do things that they ordinarily would agree to when not hypnotized.

Toward the latter part of the history of hypnosis, it was discovered that hypnosis even works when the person is hypnotizing themselves. Not only that, but after the past history of hypnosis, it is now being used in medicine, though not in the manner that Mesmer originally intended. For example, hypnosis is being used to help people get past the pain of medical procedures. Hypnosis has especially been shown to be helpful when it comes to chronic pain and some kinds of therapies.

In any case, few medical procedures have become as famous as hypnosis has over the brief but interesting history of hypnosis. However, like most medical procedures, it was shown to be useful in ways that the first person to try it could never have imagined.