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Simple Relaxation Techniques

Use hypnosis and guided imagery for easy deep relaxation

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There are many relaxation techniques in existence. Whilst hypnosis is one of the best modern relaxation techniques, there are times when you just haven't got the time to go through a full hypnosis trance session - just just need to relax now!

You almost certainly learnt a very simple technique when you were a child. Think back - did your parents ever tell you to stop and count (slowly) to 10 before you did something? That's a really simple way of getting you to slow down, rather than rush headlong into whatever that something was.

Obviously you don't have to count out loud - counting under your breath will work just as well.

Another really simple way you can relax yourself is as follows:

  • Take a really deep breath in. Take as long as you can to take this breath in and make sure your lungs are full.
  • Hold your lungs full for a few seconds.
  • Slowly exhale. All the way, drawing your stomach in so that the last gasp of air is squeezed out.

Do this a few times and you'll be amazed just how relaxed you can become. This isn't a deep relaxation technique, although it can be used as a starter before you take yourself into a deep state of relaxation. But it is a vary quick and easy technique that you can do absolutely anywhere, with no-one around you being any the wiser that this is what you are doing.

Relaxation techniques like this one are deceptively simple. Our modern day life leads us to think that something this simple can't be any good. But try the routine above and prove to yourself that it really does work. Between 3 and 10 repeats of the sequence above will take you from being stressed to being able to cope again.

Download hypnosis and guided imagery MP3s for easy deep relaxation

Another relaxation technique

This one works if you've got more time.

Sit or lie down somewhere that you won't be interrupted for the next 15 or 20 minutes.

Close your eyes and start the deep breathing exercise outlined above.

Then, in your mind's eye, picture yourself somewhere you've found really relaxing in the past. It could be a beach, a park, a garden, a museum, an art gallery. Absolutely anywhere. No-one is going to judge you on this - they won't even know where you've 'been' in your mind.

Take the time to wander through your relaxing place. Feel the atmosphere around you, whether it's warm or cold doesn't matter, so long as you find the place relaxing. Hear all the different sounds. Smell any smells. Make the pictures, sounds and feelings as vivid as possible. Maybe pretend you are watching this on a giant television: turn the sound up, make the brightness higher, move in closer to the 'screen' in your mind so that you can pay attention to the smallest detail.

Keep breathing slowly while you do this.

Take as much time as you need to explore the scene. Move around as much as you want to. Talk to whatever or whoever turns up - remember, no-one else knows you are here, so let your imagination run wild!

Remember how you were as a child? Inquisitive yet in your own special world? Do the same here.

Once you've explored everything you want to, slowly bring yourself back to reality. Stretch yourself. Then slowly open your eyes and notice how refreshed you feel.

Wow! I hope that was good for you!

Use hypnosis and guided imagery for easy deep relaxation

A Third Relaxation Technique

Some people find it hard to 'cut off' from the world outside. For instance, you may be in an area that has a lot of background noise, which can distract you.

If this situation applies to you, it may pay you to invest in a special relaxation CD or download.

Some relaxation CD's are known as guided meditations. These will lead you through the process I've outlined above, meaning you have to do less 'work' yourself and that you can get on with the real business of relaxing.

The other type of relaxation CD plays natural sounds. They could be ocean waves, a waterfall, jungle sounds, rainfall, etc. A lot of people find that these natural sounds help them with their own relaxation, especially if the sounds 'fit in' with the place they are visualizing.

You may need to experiment to find out which technique you prefer. Personally, I find that my 'preferred' technique varies according to my mood and the time available. A CD with relaxing sounds doesn't assume a pre-set amount of time available, so it can be useful if you think your relaxation session could last between a handful of minutes and maybe half an hour or more.

Experiment to see which techniques work best for you.

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