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Agoraphobia and fear of open spaces

Instantly download a hypnosis track specially designed to help you overcome agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia is an awkward fear to deal with.

In it's most extreme form, you may find that you can't even leave the house. Which, to say the least, is highly disruptive: you can't join your friends for a shopping trip or a picnic, you can't go out to work or even pop out to buy a newspaper.

Agoraphobia may 'creep up on you'. To start with, you may get an occasional panic attack when you're outside or in an unfamiliar place.

Then gradually your agoraphobia or panic attack happens more often: you find yourself looking for escape routes as soon as you go to a new place. If there isn't an obvious escape route, you start to feal uneasy. Maybe you get a churning feeling in your stomach or you could even feel faint.

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Eventually, the agoraphobic fear may become so great that you daren't leave your house. Your brain goes into permanent "survival mode" and tells you that you are only safe inside the four familiar walls of your house.

Fortunately, what the brain can learn, it can 'un-learn'.

Which means that the socially crippling effects of agoraphobia can be reversed. Some people have been known to be completely cured in just one session, whilst others take a few sessions before their agoraphobia is completely cured.

You can treat agoraphobia by visiting a hypnotist. Or more likely, given the nature of the problem, calling in a hypnotist to visit you.

Or you can buy a specially produced self-hypnosis program that is designed to address the problems associated with agoraphobia. Which means you can address this embarrassing problem from the comfort of your own home.

Instantly download a hypnosis track specially designed to help you overcome agoraphobia.

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